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individual sessions for adults.


no previous skills are necessary. painting is a natural activity, like singing or telling stories and can be fun. the paintings are neither judged nor interpreted or analysed but empower new visions and strength. a process of self-discovery and visualizing desired outcomes by focusing on solutions. painting as a gift to yourself for some "quality time" in a safe and private space where self awareness and positiv sense of self can grow. 

we work with both methods person-centered and solution-focused art therapy lom®, as requested.


solution focused

art therapy lom®

solutions focused art therapy lom®, creating clear and simple paintings. 

solution-focused painting lom® was developed from the person centered painting by Dr. Bettina Egger and lic.phil. Jörg Merz in Zurich in the early 1980s. they discovered that certain images offer great relief, while others do not. this process was accompanied by an intensive research process.

similar roots can be found in the approach of conversational psychotherapy SFBT solution - focused brief therapy, developed by Steve DeShazer and Insoo Kim Berg in Milwaukee USA.


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this approach has its roots by Arno Stern France, the creator of the Painting Place in Paris. a place for people of different ages, a place for personal expression without coercion or competition.  

you don't have to know from the beginning what exactly you want to paint. you start with the colour that appeals to you the most, then you add another one until the picture that you need right now is created. sometimes just colours appear and need attention. your picture is not judged, interpreted or analysed.

work with clay is very appreciated by children. stories are developed and landscapes can be created and changed until it feels right and complete. 


different from the pottery clay, the clay used never dries and is a material that is easy to work with.




with adults


you don't need any special skills. all it takes is an interest in what you create and the joy of colors. you will have the opportunity to exercise not to judge your work and yourself permanently, but develop trust and 

finding your own solutions. you transfer discoveries into your everyday life and develop your own qualities and will be encouraged to grow your own personal potential.



with children


most children have a natural ability to express themselves. they enjoy creating and it leads children to understand themselves and their world. the art therapy room is a safe place. self esteem, self acceptance, self awareness and coping skills grow and answers are found to face life's challenges.


irish fairy

what clients said

what clients say 

big smile on my face, bringing beautiful memories from Kerry attending your art sessions.Your session is still deeply resonating with me. I don't remember last time being so relaxed and being myself! Thank you.


materials costs



resonance® gouache colours have been developed according to a holistic scientific concept, promoting harmony and balance, made from pure pigments in a natural binder enriched with sage oil. All shades are totally harmless, both physiologically and toxicologically, and are intermixable. 

plastilin is non-toxic by virtue of being made with natural mineral fillers and organic binding agents, and it conforms to the european safety guidelines for toys.

used in architectural or art model making, cartoons or for therapeutic purposes.


one to one setting

adults                         € 50.--




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henriette staehlin, trained in the humanistic approach of person centered painting therapy for children and adults, postgraduated in solution focused art therapy lom® and trauma therapy. she was assistant of dr. Bettina Egger at IHK institute of humanistic art therapy, Zurich.

work experience with refugees from war zones during the bosnian war, with adults with special needs, elderly people and drug addicts and employed as a medical art therapist in acute mental health hospitals in switzerland.

as self-employed in a joint practice in Luzern, she was accredited by swiss health insurances. now  her studio is located in ireland on the southwest coast of the atlantic.

member of

- EFAT european federation for art therapy


languages: english, german, french




thank you, I will get back to you soon 




photos by willie kunze and henrietta staehlin

all paintings are published with the consent of the creator

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